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Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve had some stuff on my plate, so today I’m just gonna share some great blogs and links that y’all should read. This stuff ranges from old to very recent, just a big collection of some of the blogs and individual blog posts that have meant a lot to me over the years. 🙂 Also a couple news links to recent things, in case you haven’t heard about them. If you have time you can definitely read all of them, if not just pick whichever ones look good, I won’t judge.

Shakesville – Of course I started with Shakesville! A progressive feminist blog run by Melissa McEwan, who is not only a wickedly good writer, but an all-around awesome woman.

Dances with Fats – A lovely blog by a lovely fat lady, who pushes back against all of the concern trolling, ridiculously fatphobic, and otherwise harmful-to-fat-people things that are out there in the world. As the name suggests, she is a fat woman who dances (and has done marathons and triathlons too)!

The Angry Fangirl – I just found this blog recently, I think through Shakesville, and it’s brilliant. Everything this talented lady writes resonates, and is important. Especially check out “An Open Letter to White Allies” and “10 Things Bisexual People are Sick of Hearing”, but then read all of it.

Down Home Tarot – For a change of pace, if you like spirituality and/or Tarot, check out this lovely (and fairly new) blog, by a fellow Shakesville reader, where she discusses Tarot through a lens of intersectionality and critical thought.

Those are all the general blogs I wanted to link today, as I currently don’t read a ton of blogs, but in the future hopefully I’ll have some more for you! Now I’m gonna link to some specific blog posts that are and have been important to me.

Schrödinger’s Rapist – This remains, in my opinion, the most important blog post ever written about how women perceive men they don’t know, and how important it is for men to realize that they are a potential threat. It clearly and calmly lays out how to interact with a woman who you are interested in. I wish it was required reading for high school freshmen (especially the male ones).

The Spoon Theory – This is an article written about invisible illnesses and disabilities. Although some people with chronic illness dislike it, if you ever read or hear someone taking about “I wish I had more spoons” or “I don’t have the spoons for that”, they’re referencing this. I personally identify with it because of my anxiety and depression (mental illnesses are invisible illnesses too).

Perpetual Potential Thin Person – This one is a very succinct “fuck you” to everyone who thinks that fat people aren’t really people, they’re just thin people who are temporarily fat.

Let’s Talk (More) About Sex – A great post that lays out all the things people can and should be doing when they want to have sex. Very empowering and consent-focused.

On Presence and Imperfections – A lovely blog post written by a volunteer at a cat shelter I also used to volunteer at, back when I lived in Cincinnati. The post isn’t really about the shelter, although there are several pictures of the cats there, it’s about being friends with someone who has a disability, and accepting that person for who they are.

Now I’m gonna link some interesting articles I’ve read recently. If you’re my Facebook friend, you’ve probably already seen these, but they’re worth a look if you haven’t read them.

Pro-Bernie Trolls On Why They Harassed Nevada’s Democratic Chair – From the Rolling Stone, who called several of the titular trolls to ask them why they sent threatening texts and voicemails to Nevada Democratic State Chairwoman Roberta Lange. The texts included threats not only against her, but her children and grandchild. Some included her home address and phone number.

We Called Up Bernie Fans Who Threatened Nevada Dem State Chair and Asked Them to Explain Themselves – Similar story, different people were called by a different journalist. The gem is at the end when one says “Please don’t tell people my name, I like my privacy.” Wow. So you want the privilege you wouldn’t give Roberta Lange.

It’s Pretty Rich for Bernie Sanders to Compain about Democratic Party Favoritism – A well-researched piece that proves that Bernie Sanders has been the favorite of Vermont’s Democratic Party for decades, despite refusing to be categorized as a Democrat, and thus why his cries of favoritism now are pretty disingenuous.

Men Are Sabotaging the Online Reviews of TV Shows Aimed at Women – A fascinating look at the numbers of TV show ratings online, and why men seem to think they’re entitled to rate things that are clearly not aimed at them. It’s almost like they can’t deal with not being the center of the universe. Hmm.

The Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know About – A fascinating in-depth look at the microaggressions women are forced to endure on a daily basis, and the fact that we’re trained to minimize our reactions.

“Top tips for men juggling a successful career and fatherhood” – An article about a twitter account that skewers the sexism inherent in a lot of the media we see aimed at women in the workforce.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of links to other good things to read, I’ll try to be back next week with some actual posts of my own! And by all means, if you have any interesting links to share, feel free!


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