Just Stoppin’ By

I realized recently that part of the reason I don’t make quick, simple posts here is that I usually do regular “stop-ins” via Facebook. Unless I have a Real Blog Post to write, I don’t post anything here. Which, since I haven’t had much time for a Real Blog Post in a while, means I haven’t posted much here.

So I’m gonna try to post more regularly, even if they’re short posts. I’m currently working on packing what’s left of my belongings (what didn’t get sold in the yard sale or get taken by friends or given to charity), I’m moving out Thursday. Thankfully I’ve had several friends help me with stuff, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten everything done in time without them. I have a bunch of last-minute errands to run tomorrow, as well as more packing to do. I did take a break and went to see Ghostbusters with a friend, and it was awesome (hopefully I’ll have time to write more about it soon). So everything has been going okay for me. I hope it’s going well for you too!

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