Dream Journal 3-18-17

Another Critical Role dream, which I’ll blame on the fact that I finally finished all the past episodes this week, so next week I can start watching it live. ๐Ÿ™‚

In this dream my middle brother and I were playing a session with the group. First we were doing some kind of weird Mario Kart type game where all our characters were in little go-karts trying to race around the round table where we were seated (instead of the usual setup of the show). That was apparently an interlude or warm-up, because then we got back into the actual game. I’m not sure what my brother was playing, but I was a human paladin (a class I’d never choose in real life) and I was trying to help the group hunt down some demon or something (Ashley/Pike wasn’t there). I was trying to be chill most of the time, but I was also geeking out pretty hard about getting to hang with them and even play a game with them (I think my brother and I won some contest that allowed us to join the game for one episode). My brother and I weren’t really speaking because we’d had a huge fight a couple days before (I actually had some separate earlier dreams about us having several huge screaming fights, which I guess my subconscious incorporated into this dream) but we were mostly able to downplay it. During the break, my brother ended up reading some poetry to Liam that he’d written about him, which was really nice and poetic (not romantic, just general “you’re a really cool person and I admire you” type stuff). Then my brother left the table and they asked me a couple questions about him, and I said that even though our relationship was sometimes difficult, he was a really good writer and also super smart and otherwise cool, and they seemed happy with that. At one point Matt was trying to find some handout he’d sent out about the rules for flanking, and I thought I had it but it turned out to be from a different DM and he was a little miffed I brought another DM’s handout to his campaign and I felt bad for a few minutes, but then a few minutes later everything was fine. My character tried to flirt with Grog and failed hilariously (mostly because he didn’t catch any of her hints) and then we ended up ending the session with me and my brother’s characters staying behind to hold up a horde of undead while the main party rushed onward in search of their main goal.

What struck me most about the whole experience was how cool everyone was, and how I felt like I’d known them all for ages, even though I’d only watched them on screen before. They were all really nice and welcoming and eased my nerves when I was anxious and overall were just super awesome and fun to be around. ๐Ÿ™‚ They didn’t exactly invite us to come back, but Matt sort of hinted that our characters could possibly return at some point and if we ever found ourselves back in California we should swing by, and that was also pretty awesome. Also Travis and I totally drank some wine together, which was funny because I dunno if Travis is much of a wine drinker in real life, but in the dream he was like “hell yeah red wine” when I poured myself a glass from a bottle I’d brought, and clinked his big tankard against my wine glass, which I then saw was full of red wine. XD I also vaguely remember talking to Sam for a little while about how much I liked Scanlan’s character progression and just gushing a bit over it, but he was very nice and listened patiently and thanked me for the compliment.

Honestly, I barely remember anything about the actual game, it wasn’t really an important part of the dream, it was all about interacting with the other players and how nice and cool they all were. ๐Ÿ™‚ So overall it was a really nice dream.


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