Dream Journal 6-14-17

The dream started out as me in a castle, I think I was a prince, and I’d invited a bunch of my friends for a sleepover. I told them I’d recently discovered a really cool hidden room, and that I’d been told it used to be a place for the royal family to hide in case of invaders or whatnot. So naturally we all wanted to explore it, so I took them to the passage where I’d found it, and one of them insisted on being the one to press the buttons that opened the passage (they were in two rows, and you needed to know the exact sequence to open it, which I’d found out through trial and error). Once the buttons were pressed, however, suddenly the floor dropped out from under us! Almost all of us managed to race to the edges of the room, but one person fell, and on landing found that they were now face-to-face with a nasty monster! One by one my friends jumped down to join the fray, while I stayed above and loudly protested that this wasn’t supposed to happen (I was sort of in shock). Finally I jumped down to join them, managing to land the killing blow. It was a very D&D type encounter, I even cast Featherfall on myself and another friend to soften the blow from jumping down.

At this point I was telling my friends that this was entirely new, I had no idea what was going on, I’d explored the route a bit before and when the buttons were pressed it just opened into a narrow corridor, no falling floors or monsters or anything. My friends didn’t act like they blamed me, and said they believed me, and that we should continue on to figure out what the hell happened.

We climbed up a staircase to enter a new room that was entirely filled with pianos. Some of them were gigantic, easily five times the size of a normal human piano, while others ranged from regular to huge. We could hear a rhythmic thumping noise along with some piano music, so we proceeded with nervous caution, until one of my friends bumped into a piano’s keyboard and accidentally struck a jarring chord with their butt. Suddenly there was a whooshing sound, and this enormous round wheel came crashing down from the ceiling. It had a vague piano-like structure (aside from being round) and I cautiously knocked at the top to find that it had little flaps that I could open, and inside were big silver hammers. For some reason it made sense to me to yell to my friends to remove as many hammers as they could before the boss came, so we all started frantically reaching in and pulling out hammers, throwing them willy-nilly around us. Then a huge “whomp” sound rang out and we were thrown off our feet, and when we looked up there was an enormous Nutcracker/Santa type wooden doll that had landed on the wheel and started to fight us. It was very much like a video game boss battle, I was one of the weakest party members so I kept having to be healed, and halfway through I realized that it could gather up the hammers we’d removed, so I shouted at my friends to throw the hammers out of the room (there was the stairwell we’d entered from, which it couldn’t fit through). It heard me, though, and savagely blocked the stairwell. That was when I noticed there was a row of windows opposite, so I gestured to one of my friends to gather up some hammers and toss them out the window. It caught on before he reached the window, but was too far away, and roared in frustration at losing some hammers. While it was thus distracted, we gathered up more and threw them down the stairwell. We ended up going back and forth like this a few times, before managing to beat the thing into submission (as it’d grown substantially weaker with the loss of its hammers).

At this point we took a quick break to breathe and rest, and suddenly the dream became a novel I was reading, and I looked up and saw myself on a bus with all the friends from earlier, and I realized I was the author of the novel, I’d sold the movie rights to a studio, and I was sitting on a bus riding back into town after a long day of shooting with the cast. They were joking around and goofing off, like kids on a bus are wont to do, and I went back to the novel to read a bit about what was going on. Apparently, the whole set-up was the doing of a particularly evil god (there were almost a hundred gods in this fantasy setting), who was trying to glorify his own name by taking credit for the torture and subsequent slaughter of the royal heir and his friends. He was the one who’d warped the original tunnel to lead to this “dungeon” that they were going through, where each level would be harder and more horrific than the last.

After finishing that bit of exposition, I put the book back down and spent the rest of the bus ride laughing and singing with my new friends (although I was now an adult, while they were still kids/teens). When we arrived at the studio, I went into a dressing room to change, but I kept having people come in to congratulate me on a good day of filming, the success of the book, etc. Finally I managed to get everyone to leave, and turned to take off my shirt to change.

That was when everything went sideways. My vision started blurring, and I was seeing red, and then hearing cackling, and then at the edge of my sight I’d see a wickedly grinning face. I kept turning to look at it, only for it to vanish. Finally I stumbled over to the mirror, where I saw the evil god from the book. Only he wasn’t my imagination, he was real. He explained in a horrific voice that he had planted the idea for the book in my head, and now that it was becoming a movie, he would be able to infect other people with his image and thoughts. He told me that the filming would become sickeningly real for the young actors, that they would all have close calls on set and then later on mysterious deaths (after the film’s release). He told me that I was to blame, and that his name would live on forever after this.

I begged him to reconsider, but he merely laughed and showed me an image of my fiancee in her car, which morphed into this red, evil-looking version of itself and careening out of control until it caused a huge accident, and her mangled body half outside of it. That was when I had an idea. I told the evil god that the filming would continue, but he should invent even more horrific bosses for the kids to fight. I argued that it would glorify him further, if they managed to get past those bosses and eventually work their way straight to him, and battle him. How much better would it be, I suggested, for him to personally dismember and disembowel them? He seemed convinced, and made me promise that this would be written into the script (which wasn’t a problem, as I hadn’t finalized the script yet). Then he disappeared.

At that point I ran out of the room and gathered all the kids to come to a props room to tell them what had happened. At first they thought I was joking with them, pretending the story was real, but when it became clear that I was deadly serious, they started getting nervous and trying to figure out if they could escape the room. They were suddenly trapped with an adult who was acting crazy, and needed to figure out how to get away. I was still trying to convince them that I wasn’t crazy when I woke up.


Dream Journal 3-18-17

Another Critical Role dream, which I’ll blame on the fact that I finally finished all the past episodes this week, so next week I can start watching it live. 🙂

In this dream my middle brother and I were playing a session with the group. First we were doing some kind of weird Mario Kart type game where all our characters were in little go-karts trying to race around the round table where we were seated (instead of the usual setup of the show). That was apparently an interlude or warm-up, because then we got back into the actual game. I’m not sure what my brother was playing, but I was a human paladin (a class I’d never choose in real life) and I was trying to help the group hunt down some demon or something (Ashley/Pike wasn’t there). I was trying to be chill most of the time, but I was also geeking out pretty hard about getting to hang with them and even play a game with them (I think my brother and I won some contest that allowed us to join the game for one episode). My brother and I weren’t really speaking because we’d had a huge fight a couple days before (I actually had some separate earlier dreams about us having several huge screaming fights, which I guess my subconscious incorporated into this dream) but we were mostly able to downplay it. During the break, my brother ended up reading some poetry to Liam that he’d written about him, which was really nice and poetic (not romantic, just general “you’re a really cool person and I admire you” type stuff). Then my brother left the table and they asked me a couple questions about him, and I said that even though our relationship was sometimes difficult, he was a really good writer and also super smart and otherwise cool, and they seemed happy with that. At one point Matt was trying to find some handout he’d sent out about the rules for flanking, and I thought I had it but it turned out to be from a different DM and he was a little miffed I brought another DM’s handout to his campaign and I felt bad for a few minutes, but then a few minutes later everything was fine. My character tried to flirt with Grog and failed hilariously (mostly because he didn’t catch any of her hints) and then we ended up ending the session with me and my brother’s characters staying behind to hold up a horde of undead while the main party rushed onward in search of their main goal.

What struck me most about the whole experience was how cool everyone was, and how I felt like I’d known them all for ages, even though I’d only watched them on screen before. They were all really nice and welcoming and eased my nerves when I was anxious and overall were just super awesome and fun to be around. 🙂 They didn’t exactly invite us to come back, but Matt sort of hinted that our characters could possibly return at some point and if we ever found ourselves back in California we should swing by, and that was also pretty awesome. Also Travis and I totally drank some wine together, which was funny because I dunno if Travis is much of a wine drinker in real life, but in the dream he was like “hell yeah red wine” when I poured myself a glass from a bottle I’d brought, and clinked his big tankard against my wine glass, which I then saw was full of red wine. XD I also vaguely remember talking to Sam for a little while about how much I liked Scanlan’s character progression and just gushing a bit over it, but he was very nice and listened patiently and thanked me for the compliment.

Honestly, I barely remember anything about the actual game, it wasn’t really an important part of the dream, it was all about interacting with the other players and how nice and cool they all were. 🙂 So overall it was a really nice dream.

Dream Journal 1-24-16

So I’ve been watching Critical Role, this show produced by Geek & Sundry that features a group of professional voice actors playing D&D on screen. Last night I had a dream that the DM, Matt Mercer, had become my personal DM in this strange game/fantasy world. It was unclear if it was some kind of virtual reality or a LARP, but I was placed in a situation where I knew I was myself and that I was playing a game, but everyone around me (in a realistic setting) acted like this was real life and I was the character I was playing. Matt would appear to me, but others wouldn’t be able to see him unless he was playing an NPC for my benefit (either a monster attacking me or someone guiding me), and then they’d only see what he wanted them to see, even though I could see him as his real self. My character was the king/prince (people used both titles through the dream) of a large kingdom, I wasn’t sure if I appeared male to them, because I saw myself as female (I looked like my real self, not a dream self), but regardless, everyone treated me as the monarch of this kingdom.

The game started with Matt waking me up from my sleep (in the game) and attacking me with this monster that could shape-shift and control minds, it mind controlled me and I had to go shambling off into the palace, acting weird (at least it felt weird to me, I was all stiff and unnatural in character, even though my real mind was fine and mad at being out of control), trying to go find a servant to order to do the thing that the monster wanted me to do (something about sending off a particular person, a hunter, to go try to capture it, presumably as a trap). At one point I was passing through a large foyer-type area in the palace and someone cracked a joke about my character right as I passed, and I turned and asked them (flat affect, in a monotone) what they’d said. As they stammered and tried to recover (apparently I was generally a nice monarch, but here I was basically staring into their soul while confronting their little joke) I ended up turning and just leaving the conversation without allowing a response, disinterested in that situation, since the monster still had control of my mind and wanted me to do something else.

At that point I managed to roll my saving throw and bucked the mind control, and then went to the chambers where I thought the monster had last been before attacking me, to look for clues. There was a ton of glittery stones all over the room, which I was gathering as Matt commended me for thinking of looking for them, except I had some trouble seeing them because in my haste to be in character and shamble through the castle, I’d left my actual glasses that I needed to see in my room. So I went back and got them, gathered the glittery stones, set off some kind of water trap that soaked me and Matt both, and then we went back to my royal chambers to dry off, at which point a guard came to get me, I had to scramble to finish changing (we were not changing in the same room, there were multiple rooms of course) and answer the door, still holding a little pot full of glitter and water that I’d combined.

The guard told me I was urgently needed at the Court, so Matt and I went and discovered a trial was going on, the Chief Justice and a noblewoman had dragged a peasant man in front of the court, accusing him of murder. They appealed to me for judgement, asking that he be put to death. When I questioned everyone involved, it turned out that the man had gotten drunk at a tavern the night before, and had gone into the noblewoman’s garden and destroyed one of her rose bushes (dug up and rooted out and then set the remains on fire). The particular variety of rose was actually quite poisonous and dangerous, as the man’s lawyer explained, and he in his drunken stupor had simply assumed it was planted there by mistake and removed it for the greater good. The noblewoman claimed it was planted by one of her ancestors and was very dear to her, like he’d killed a member of her family (hence why she kept calling it murder). I was told that a botanical expert had examined the remains (several roses were intact after the destruction) and independently confirmed the genus of rose, its poisonous properties and how it was the only one in town for that reason, as it wasn’t allowed to be bought, sold, or planted in the kingdom, but that particular bush had escaped notice since it was planted a few generations ago and was in the noblewoman’s garden.

At this point I expressed my absolute disgust for the proceedings. I walked around the court as I pronounced judgement, pointing out that destroying a plant was not akin to murder, no matter how dear the plant, and saying that I refused to kill a man for poor judgement. I sentenced him to a week of hard labor as his punishment, since he had done wrong in trespassing and destroying someone else’s property, but over the objections of the Chief Justice and the noblewoman, refused to have him killed. The man, who had looked as white as a sheet for most of the trial, had tears in his eyes and was immensely grateful, while the noblewoman and Chief Justice were livid. I left the room, noting that I’d probably made a couple new enemies, and making a mental note to investigate if people around the noblewoman had come up poisoned in the past.

The dream got a bit hazy at this point, I remember a couple snippets after this, one where Matt and I were trying to make our way through a walking labyrinth in the palace garden, like one of those floor mosaic labyrinths some cathedrals have, except slightly raised off the ground, and with a few traps (not super dangerous ones, you’d just get your foot pinched or slapped if you stepped wrong, it was for fun and many people were doing it while we were also there). I also remember just sitting in my chambers having a conversation with Matt and laughing and joking like we were old friends, which was one of my favorite parts.

Dream Journal 10-12-16

I was found by a group of young people, who took me to a Halloween parade that their town was having, and we were all seated on a bench along the side of a building to watch it. I realized that things weren’t as they seemed, though. A bunch of otherworldly figures approached, pretending to be part of the parade, and I warned the people around me not to leave their seats (I think my exact words were “don’t separate your butt from this bench”) or they would get carried off by the spirits. Only a few people listened to me, and when the spirits left, we saw that almost the entire group was gone. There were only about eight of us that hadn’t left our seats, and a couple more that had but seemed fine, but I whispered to the others that they shouldn’t be trusted until we were sure. I discovered that one source of strange things was an open door (we were inside a house at this point), through which they’d previously let their pet cats roam, but now was letting weird green smoke and ghostly figures in. I figured out that if I laid my hands on ghosts and spirits pretending to be alive, I could shout a mystic word at them and they’d dissipate. So I shut the door tight and went around shouting until the only people left were real people, and we kept getting fewer and fewer in number. Finally there were only four of us left, me, my mom, my oldest brother, and an old lady (in the dream she was my grandma, but she doesn’t exist in real life). My oldest brother ignored my warnings and went into another room (I’d discovered that basically any door was an entry point for the ghosts, so I was trying to keep them all shut, with only moderate success) and became possessed by Something Evil, a big bad ghost that was much stronger than any of the ones I’d dealt with thus far. It was so powerful that I couldn’t even get near it to put my hands on it, and I was wracking my brains to try to figure out how I could free my brother and hopefully end the haunting. My mom helped by distracting it, although it wasn’t super intent on harming us right then, it was focused on doing some kind of ritual (probably to open the gates of Hell or something), so it was only taking pot shots at us, not actually attacking (hence why I was willing to let my mom help). I finally figured out that even though I couldn’t reach it with my hands, my voice was the real weapon. So I quietly began warming up, and when I was ready, I stepped out from under the fake plant where I’d been hiding, and let loose a really loud burst of singing, culminating in a super high note. He sent wave after wave of birds to try to peck at me and stop me, but they couldn’t even get close to me because of the shockwave effect of my singing, and finally it reached him and he was defeated. My oldest brother came back and was apologetic about not believing me, and I gathered him and my mom and grandma in a central room (that we’d figured out was pretty much the safest place in the house), and told them that the house felt different, and maybe it was safe now, but I had to do a seance to communicate with the remaining spirits and see what they said. Before I could start, though, my brother took off and went through one of the dangerous doors without any warning, but even as I shouted at him to stop, I realized he was coming back and everything was fine. The same thing happened with our grandma, she ran through a different door and then came running back, and I saw a laughing spirit who looked like me when I was 11-12 years old. The spirit then approached me and told me that I’d freed her, and now the house was safe, she could go to the next life and the rest of the spirits would move on as well. I took her hand and she smiled, then faded away in a burst of light.

There were bits before and after this, but the before has no relation, and the after played out like a really bad movie sequel (basically having almost nothing to do with the plot of the first one, just having the same name), this was the important part. 😉 I haven’t really managed to get across how vivid it was, how gory and terrifying the specters were, how amazing it was at the end when the nice spirit came to me. But that’s why I write these short synopses down, when I read it, I’ll remember.

Dream Journal 10-7-16

[Content Note: police brutality, slavery, racism, incarceration, spiders]

The dream started out, from what I can remember, with my character (not me, but the person I was in the dream) making a plan with a group of friends. Apparently we’d discovered a door to another world, where cows and dogs were sentient and ruled the world, while humans served as slaves. I went through the door on a cart drawn by a couple of my friends, magically disguised as the sentient cows. I witnessed a young woman standing half a mile away from a store, and when I asked her if humans weren’t allowed near, she said “I’m not allowed near” with fear in her eyes. We had learned through our reconnaissance in this world, that humans were basically given just two choices. Either they could serve their bovine masters, or they could go to “school”, which was actually run more like a prison. They weren’t allowed to go out alone, they couldn’t live their own lives, they were slaves or prisoners and nothing else.

I made my way to the school, and found the underground group of rebels. They were so badly oppressed that they told me their top goals were being able to go out on their own in groups, and having a say in their meals. They showed me a bookshelf that contained all the books that they’d found from my world, things like “Magic Knight Rayearth” and a series of “slice of life” comics (not real ones, sadly) that they loved best because it showed the heroine just living her life freely. They thought they were fantasy novels. I had to laugh a little, sadly, and told them I was glad they’d found them, especially the “slice of life” one, and they stared at me incredulously as I explained that that was really how life was, in my world. Then they became angry, really angry at the cows who oppressed them, and asked me to help them start the rebellion. I agreed, and we started a riot in the “school”, culminating with a huge number of people gathering in the “gym” (normally off-limits except during specific periods and with close supervision) to hear me speak. I gave a rousing and passionate speech about life in my world, how we took so many little freedoms for granted, how even our leaders were totally human (I didn’t explain that we were the only sentient life, or mention that we ate cows, which would’ve seemed like cannibalism to them), and how with some work, they could have a world similar to ours, where they were allowed to live and work freely. The principal (also human, but given his position by the cows in charge) came over the intercom to say that a “rabble-rouser” was loose in the school, and they needed to turn me in. The crowd around me laughed at him, and instead of turning me in, orchestrated a break-out. The crowd swelled as we left the “school” and mingled with slaves who were told about our plans and enthusiastically joined in. We marched through the streets, demanding our freedom, and fought off all the meager attempts to dissuade us (the cows were used to their slaves being meek and easily bullied, and had never had to respond to this kind of situation before).

As we stopped to rest in a little shanty town where many slaves lived (and they fed us and let us rest), I had a lot of people come up to me and beg me to tell them more about the utopia I came from, how amazing it was, and with mingled fear and hope in their eyes, asking me if it was really true, that I was free, had always been free. I was bothered by their assumptions that my world was perfect, so I gathered the crowd and started another speech, where I told them about racism (which didn’t exist in their world), and the current “plague” (my actual word in the dream) of police killings of black people, how many people in my world saw people with dark skin as lesser, and how we had struggled, as a society, with this problem, with some people denying it even was a problem, as others created Black Lives Matter in response, and many people in the middle, not sure what to do or say.

Shortly after that speech, which received a confused response (many of the slaves, especially some darker-skinned ones, had very complicated feelings about it), we were attacked by an odd piece of technology, it was sort of a flying land mine filled with venomous spiders. We managed to evacuate the area before it arrived, and then I took it on single-handedly. I’d summoned a stream of water to wash away the spiders when I woke up.

Dream Journal 5-8-16

[CN: child abuse, rape, PTSD, hostility to consent]

This was a doozy. The dream started with a girl (maybe 11 or 12) and her father. They were part of a group of humans who had landed on a habitable world to settle it, only to find that there was two groups of humanoids already there and in the middle of a war. Because the humans were almost indistinguishable from one of the humanoid groups, the other group (who looked very much like dragons or giant lizards, but with opposable thumbs) decided we were also their enemy. They began attacking us and the father was trying to broker a peace treaty. In the midst of negotiations, the leader of the dragon-people showed up with a small human child in chains, saying something about “bringing a snack along”. The girl reacted very strongly to this and basically confronted this enormous dragon-man (he was much larger than most of his species, which is partly why he was the leader), and he was intrigued by her, and proposed a trade. Her father objected, but she agreed to go with the dragon leader if he let the child go. She was terrified of being eaten, but she couldn’t just let another person be killed, especially a child. So the dragon leader took her with him when he left, and basically made her his pet. Often he would bite her, just enough to break the skin and make her bleed, but not actually take a chunk out. Although the dream never showed any sex, it was also heavily implied that he used her in that way as well (although they weren’t technically physically compatible, there were plenty of ways for him to abuse her). She became very quiet and withdrawn, and although the dragon leader sometimes took her to further negotiations or diplomatic meetings where her father was, she was forbidden to talk to him or even acknowledge him, or else suffer harsh punishments.

The dream then skipped a number of years, and the girl had grown up into a young woman. She’d been freed a few years earlier, when her captor had died of old age, and his family didn’t want to bother with her. Unfortunately her father had died before she was freed, so she never got to see him and explain everything. She had received an education while enslaved, so once she was freed she went to college and got her teaching degree. Now she was a teacher at a school, but it was on the border that the humans shared with the dragon people, and the peace was very uneasy. Sometimes the dragon people would show up and parade through the halls of the school, just to show they could. One day, they showed up in greater numbers than normal, and seemed to be inspecting all the classrooms. She watched with terror as they came closer and closer to her room, but her students didn’t understand why she was so frightened. She overheard one of them say that they were looking for her, as the grandson of her captor had decided that she was a fine trophy who needed to be brought back to his family’s keeping, to prove that they could have whatever they wanted. Her mind flashed back to her time as a slave, and she ran from the school. Miraculously the dragon people didn’t notice her leave, but she continued to run, knowing eventually they’d figure it out and come after her. She couldn’t stop reliving the horrors she’d endured as a slave, they played over and over in her head as she ran. She entered a forest that was extremely alien, a place most people refused to enter, as the trees were black (not just dark, but actually black) and seemed to suck away all light, making the interior of the forest pitch black. Cries of animals or maybe lost souls echoed inside the forest, a place of sheer terror. Somehow she made her way to a clearing, and collapsed on the ground, unable to run any further. She heard footsteps approaching, and half-buried herself in the sandy grey ground in an attempt to hide.

A young woman, who was me in the dream, found her there. She whispered to me and begged me to hide her. As I had the ability to use some magic, I turned her body into a small dog, and stored her soul inside a piece of soap. Just as I finished taking her things and bundling them up, a man showed up and demanded to know who I was and what I was doing there. I told him I was a traveler, and he somewhat rudely demanded that I continue my travels with him. I agreed, however, because I felt that it would be safer for me and for her to go with him. He led us out of the forest, and I put the piece of soap on my shoulder to keep it safe (???). At one point we ended up base-jumping off of a very tall cliff into a valley below, where it turned out he was going to settle down and make a life, and he expected me to be his servant. Because I was afraid of the other woman being discovered, I turned her back into a person, albeit a different-looking one, and stored her emotions in another piece of soap, so she wouldn’t have to feel the terror or suffer from PTSD anymore. Unfortunately, it made her very vulnerable (very much like a blank slate), and once I brought her home to the man who was my employer, he convinced her to marry him and then get a job so he could stay home and do nothing. I also tried to get a job with her, to keep anyone else from taking advantage of her, but I was fired almost immediately for telling off a customer. I realized then that this was a much worse situation than I thought, and I needed to give her back her emotions so we could both escape somewhere else. Unfortunately, I had lost the piece of soap where I’d stored them. I searched all through town, terrified that I’d lost it during our jump (remember, it was on my shoulder, not exactly in a secure place), or that it had fallen into the sea and dissolved. Every time I found a piece of soap (which were all magical objects in this part of the dream), I would hold it up to my forehead and if it resonated I knew I was close. One piece glowed a bit but it wasn’t the right piece (maybe someone else’s emotions, but not hers) and so I kept searching in frustration.

And that was where I woke up, still searching for her emotions so I could turn her back to normal. 😦

Dream Journal 5-5-16

Since I have a lot of really bizarre dreams, I’m going to start posting them here. 😉

[CN: alien abduction themes, experimentation, hostility to consent]

Last night I had a dream about one of my friends and her fiance. In the dream, she told me that her fiance and his parents were actually aliens, and had been performing experiments on me and other friends and colleagues of ours, usually while we were sleeping. Since she was engaged to him, they’d decided they could trust her and bring her into the fold. They’d also decided to see if I was trustworthy, so she invited me to see one of the experiments. She told me all of this matter-of-factly, as if it was no big deal. I was understandably horrified, and I went to see my oldest brother to get his advice. My middle brother showed up as I was heading to our meeting (which appeared to be in a hotel in Tokyo), but I refused to tell him what was going on, because I didn’t want to endanger him, since he has a baby. My oldest brother showed up to see what was keeping me, and he also told our brother that it was too dangerous, so he left in a huff and the two of us went upstairs to a fancy dining room to discuss the situation. He told me that I had an obligation to humanity to see what was going on, basically to act as a double agent so we would be better able to fight back against the aliens. As he was telling me this, a giant robot started attacking Tokyo, and we calmly watched it from the windows of the fancy dining room as it attacked other buildings. He reiterated his point that it was my duty to do this. So I left the dining room as the giant robot came closer, calmly warning several people on the lower floors that it was about to attack the building, and teleported back to my office to tell my friend that I was willing to witness the experiments. The first experiment I watched was a recording of me, and they stuck a probe up my nose to scan my brain. Then we went to another friend’s house, and just as they were about to start experimenting on her, I woke up.

I’m not particularly good at dream analysis, but since my friend’s wedding is in a few weeks, I would guess that the representation of her fiance and his family as aliens probably has to do with my fear of our friendship changing, which is pretty silly, because I know her fiance fairly well at this point, and he’s a great guy who I get along well with (I haven’t met his parents, but I’m sure they’re very nice). I’m really not sure what the giant robot and meeting my brother in Tokyo were about, though. 😉